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Backup & Sync: Creating a Filetype Filter

  • 21 January 2013
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Backup & Sync: Creating a Filetype Filter
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Can I choose specific filetypes to backup when using the Backup functionality of SecureAnywhere, specifically PDF files?


Yes. You can specify any filetype to be backed up customizing filters within your Backup & Sync settings.
Creating a Filetype Filter
Open Webroot, and click the Gear next to Backup and Sync

Click the "Folders" tab and then "Add Folder" button

After clicking "Add Folder" you will see this screen:

Once you have selected your folder and set it to backup you will see a new folder listed under "Folders" If you click the Gear icon next to that folder you will see this screen:

Now you can add whatever file type you would like to the File types selected field. It is imperative that you check the box that says Exclude files from backup that match this filter.

3 replies

<p>on my Back up and Sync section I have no &quot;Log in&quot;. I can't use it. All it does is take me to Take a Look</p>
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<p>@DarkFriar &nbsp;The Backup &amp;Sync feature is only available on with WSA-Complete. &nbsp;The other versions of WSA show the tab, but they will direct the user to "Take A Look" . &nbsp;This allow the user to become familiar with the feature they do not have so they can consider upgrading thier license to WSA-Complete.</p>