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  • 18 April 2018
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The next release of WSA is ready for initial beta testing and, if you are interested, please request access to the WSA Release Candidate Group by clicking on the link.  Once approved, instructions are posted there.
Like the majority of betas, this is not intended for wide deployment on production devices.  You will need to remove it and install the final WSA release once that becomes available.
What's in the beta is posted below to help you in making a decision to take part or not .  If you do, then I appreciate your time in helping us to make WSA a better product.
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What's new

  • Optimise space used by journaling
  • Compression is no longer used for WSA Installer
  • Script Shield detects & remediates malicious scripts ( Win 10 only )
  • Time period to keep files in journal changed to 60 days
  • Remove files from journal once they have been determined as Good
  • Reduce overall time to install WSA
  • Optimise  journal writes to reduce load on Windows
  • Uninstall DNS-P agent when either the Site has DNS-P disabled or license key is expired
  • Fix: Known cause of terminal server becoming unresponsive ( 4005 )
  • Fix: Resolve Timeout Issue with cloud communications on long scans
  • Fix: Crash in Windows Server 2003 Due to Invalid Pointer
  • Fix: LastPass dlls are missing after WSA uninstall then reinstall
  • Fix: High CPU Usage in Windows Explorer/ Chrome
  • Fix: Welcome Screen hangs after 9.0.19 is installed on Intel Sandy Bridge CPU's
  • Fix: Virtual Machines not starting on Windows 10 hosts when WSA is running
  • Fix: Win10 upgrade fails with an error "Win10 installation has failed"
  • Fix: Conflict with certain internal disk drives results in Windows not shutting down
  • Fix: Increased memory usage when Crypto Prevent is installed
  • Fix: Installing WSA fails with "Insufficient permissions" error (Win10 on Bootcamp and/or Server 2012 not Bootcamp related)
  • Fix: WSA fails to un-install on Windows 10 in certain scenario
  • Fix: On Windows 10, Netlogon may not start after reboot

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