Management Console Update 18.0.3

  • 7 May 2014
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PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN 18.0.3 -  May 7th 2014

Until now, accessing information via the management console has been limited to scrolling through data views and there were not many sophisticated search options. These restrictions are now swept away within this incremental 18.0.3 release for both the Standard and the new Webroot SecureAnywhere® Global Site Manager consoles. Both now provide advanced search and filtering. In the Global Site Manager console we have also added more information around Administrator Permissions.

NEW – Advanced Search and Filtering – Allows the administrator to use a wide range of parameters to create refined filtered searches, adding a great deal of speed and flexibility when looking to identify individual or groups of endpoints. This search and filtering is available within both Standard and Global Site Manager consoles.
NEW – Create Admin Permissions Pop-Up – Adds clarity to the precise capability and site permissions being granted within the Global Site Manager console for each administration type – Super; Limited and Site.
  1. NEW – Advanced Search and filtering option under Change Console button in all console views.  [img][/img] Easily access advanced search and filtering options for any endpoint managed The new search and filtering options include:FieldOptions / Example Hostname[Free form Query] StatusProtected Infected Expired Infected & Expired Not seen recently Group[Generated from site groups] Policy[Generated from site policies] Active Directory[Free form Query] + [Generated from AD Tree] Keycode[Generated from attached keycodes] Operating SystemWindows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Mac OS Other Advanced: Agent Version[Free form Query] Agent Language[Pre-set list of all supported languages] VMYes No Device MID[Free form Query] Instance MID[Free form Query] Current User[Free form Query] Public IP Address[Free form Query] Internal IP Address[Free form Query] + [Generated form internal IP ranges] Workgroup[Generated from workgroups detected] MAC Address[Free form Query] Clicking on the Advanced Search button under the Change Console button results in the following pop-up window appearing:  [img][/img] Advanced Search pop-up window with Advanced options available by simply clicking on Advanced. The Advanced Search function is also selectable directly from within the Group Management beside the Groups and Views tabs.  [img][/img] Advanced Search from within the Group Management tab 
  2. NEW - Admin Permissions Pop-Up Window to aid clarity of permissions being granted to each type of administrator.  [img][/img] Create Admin pop-up window to clarify Admin capabilities  

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