Management Console Update 18.0

  • 21 March 2014
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PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN 18.0 - March 20th 2014

What's NEW!
Release 18 delivers a brand new management console option, the Global Site Manager console, that will be continuously enhanced with new features and capabilities during 2014.

It has been specifically designed to simplify the management of Webroot SecureAnywhere by Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and larger enterprise sized business customers that need more flexibility and ease of management over multiple customers, groups, locations, and multi-administrated deployments. 

The first phase - Release 18.0 – will introduce basic Global Site Manager console functionality and features. It will also provide the multi-layered hierarchical management architecture that helps to deliver better visibility, easier administration, and smoother day-to-day operation of complex deployments. Global Site Manager is an additional and optional management console that is available instead of the standard management and deployment available through Webroot’s current web-based management console. 

Any Webroot customer with over 100 seats under management and needing the flexibility of the Global Site Manager console will be able to migrate from their existing console. The first phase of Global Site Manager, release 18.0, offers the following benefits: 
  • NEW - Auto-Provisioning – A new parent and child keycode structure now means it’s a seamless process to provision new customers or locations, with no need to contact Webroot about issuing a new keycode. These are now controlled and automatically issued from within Global Site Manager.
  • NEW - Unique Site Consoles – The new hierarchical management views now enable you to issue individual customers, or locations, with their own unique console and keycode – simplifying deployment of new customers and also any individual account terminations.
  • NEW - Top Level Views – There are new top-level views of the customers or locations under management that provide real-time data on:[list]
  • Do any of endpoints need attention?
  • How many devices have been deployed at this customer?
  • NEW - Site Notes – There is now the ability for administrators to add and write notes about each customer or location, for example:
    • Customer billing cycles (for MSP reference only).
    • Seats allocated to a customer/location – to more easily see how many seats have been used and avoid going over.
  • NEW – Delegated Console Access Rights – There are now delegated administration access rights and permissions for every customer or location/site console under management. This lets you provide customized access to individual management consoles and allocate multi-tiered access rights and permissions.
  • NEW - Direct Access Management – The new Global Site Manager console User Interface allows direct access to any customer or location console along with seamless integration to existing console selection screens. There is also the option to populate multiple MSP portals under a single account.[/list] 
    1. NEW - Top Level Views Gives you visibility over multiple customers or locations and lets you immediately see any that need attention or immediate intervention. New custom policies can easily be created, as necessary, for each OS platform and assigned to a group or individual device.  [img][/img] Notifies of any endpoints needing attention  
    2. NEW – Auto-Provisioning Let’s you easily provision a new customer or location without needing to contact Webroot  [img][/img] Fast Provisioning of New Customers & Customer Comments/Notes  
    3. NEW – Delegated Console Access Rights Delegated access rights and permissions for each customer or location console, with multi-tiered customizable administrator access rights and permissions.  [img][/img]  

    Release 18 is the first phase in a number of releases that will provide a new Global Site Manager console. 

    If you would like to look further into the new Global Site Manager console, or are considering migrating to Global Site Manager, please contact your Webroot Channel Account Manager or Webroot Sales Representative for more details. 

  • 2 replies

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    Thanks Nic posted at a few sites!
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