PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN 20.1 - November 27th 2014

  • 1 December 2014
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Further to the release last week of Global Site Manager console Release 20.0 we have seen some issues with the BETA and are releasing the following updates and patches for the GSM Dashboard immediately. Additionally, we are releasing an enhancement to reduce confusion around the last 50 endpoints to see threats by adding the current Status column to that view.
  1. GSM Global Site Manager Dashboard fixes:[list=1]
  2. It was previously possible to filter the sites whilst a previous filter was being saved (filter multiple times continuously), leading to Dashboard charts crashing. The “Site Filter” button is now unavailable until the Dashboard has completed loading, and it is also disabled now when carrying out a current filter call.
  3. Site filter was re-calling the summary bar data – even through the summary bar is not affected by this. This call has been removed.
  4. Button mousedown styling (active / pressed state) was not occurring.
  5. Global error handling plugged in. Previously if the server returned success: true, but an error (no data / error message from the server), this wasn’t being handled.
  6. Duplicate data in chart drill-down has been removed (Sometimes the same endpoint was listed multiple times).
  7. Ability to drill down into an endpoint’s site / detailed information has been removed, where the logged in user no longer has access to the endpoint’s site.
  8. Ability to drill down from a chart when the data point was zero has been disabled.
  9. Dashboard page was not handling the state where a GSM customer had zero sites (e.g. New GSM customer). User now receives a welcome message with steps to get started.
  10. Endpoint (more information) drilldown from chart – VM and OS Firewall data points removed (not yet supported by Agent software). All other data points also re-ordered into sensible groupings.
  11. Buttons to create / edit / delete chart removed from the page code completely, instead of being hidden via CSS (user could possibly get access to these via CSS file not loading correctly, manipulating the page in debug console, etc).
  12. Site filter popup now has a paragraph explaining its intention.
  13. General code hardening for dashboard charts cross-browser (margins, line colors, sizing, spacing, changing the size of the charts when using the 1/2/3/4 options, resizing window, etc).
  14. Standard “Loading Dashboards” message now shown on entry. All controls (site filter, reset, etc) removed / hidden until load complete.
  15. Threat and Activation charts now set to “Area-Spline” by default.
  16. Dashboard code files now included inside the generic code combining, minifying and versioning routine to ensure customers never receive cached files on publish.
  17. Fixes to dashboard charts/tables when changing the selected time period (future release).
  18. Error messaging shown to user changed to improve clarity.
  19. If an error occurs when parsing dashboard setup data, option for the user to reset their dashboard configuration presented in the error message.  
  • Endpoint Protection enhancements:
    To help avoid customer confusion on the Status screen the endpoint Status column has been added to the ’50 most recent endpoints encountering threats (last 7 days)’[/list] Status column added to avoid confusion over actual threat status.All Contents Copyright © 2014

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