PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN 20.2 - February 4th 2015

  • 4 February 2015
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Our first release of 2015 sees the introduction of many new dashboard personalization enhancements and capabilities. All of these are designed to make it much easier for you to generate and create better visibility of the endpoint information that will be most useful to you for managing your endpoint environment. The following capabilities are now available with this release.

NEW – Dashboard Add Chart Button – this new functionality allows for the creation and personalization of the Administration Dashboard. It allows the easy creation of new Dashboard charts and managing how they are graphically presented within the console dashboard.

NEW – Dashboard Infection Visibility – allows you to create the Infection Dashboard reporting most appropriate to your management needs.
  1. NEW – Dashboard Add Chart – allows administrators to personalize the dashboard view by creating, editing, deleting and managing all of their Dashboard charts.  [img][/img] New Add Chart to Dashboard Button.   [img][/img] Pop-Up Add A Chart Wizard lets you define the Chart Data Field topic; a unique Chart Name and the Chart (display) Type.   [img][/img] There are over 24 different customizable chart Dashboard options.   [img][/img] Dashboard Chart Type lets you display any Chart in the most sensible way.   [img][/img] All the Dashboard Charts you create are able to be Edited or Deleted (Remove).    
  2. NEW – Dashboard Infection Visibility – lets the administrator customize and select the infection data and period to display within the Dashboard.  [img][/img] Time period for the “Threats Detection History” and “Device Activations” is now configurable.

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