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This console release delivers more flexibility around logging into the management console for all users and a new telephone login variation introduced for our Hikari Tushin users in Japan.
  1. NEW – Security Code Override – It is now possible to disable the use of a Security Code during the management console login. This feature is for users wishing to remove this extra security step from the login process. While there are situations where this is relevant we are recommending that administrators continue to use the security code layer of security during login as that maximizes access protection. The option to turn off the Security Code is within User Account Settings under the Admins tab in the GSM console and also within the Endpoint and Mobile Protection “Manage Admins” drop down menu.  [img][/img]Enabling/Disabling the Security Code for Login within the GSM console. [img][/img]Enabling/Disabling the Security Code for Login within standard Endpoint Protection console.  
  2. NEW – Hikari Tushin Telephone & Password Login – Hikari Tushin users can now login using a phone number and password, but this functionality is only available to Hikari Tushin users. The Hikari Tushin phone login will be visible to all users, but non-Hikari Tushin users must continue to login using their email and password.  [img][/img]Optional Hikari Tushin Users Telephone Login. The reset password section has also been updated to allow Hikari Tushin users to reset using their phone number.  [img][/img]Hikari Tushin Users Telephone Password Reset.
  1. Update – GSM Onboarding Emails – The emails will now clearly distinguish in their text between the Trial and Full License key versions to avoid any confusion.

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