PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN Global Site Manager 25.0 - March 30th 2016

  • 30 March 2016
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Customers with a large number of sites to manage now have a new paging logic within the ‘Sites’ page. This allows you to select how many site rows you wish to see displayed and considerably improves the Global Site Manager console’s performance for those of you with site number rising into the hundreds. A new, page specific ‘?Help’ button, has now been added to allow instant access to the relevant Help section for the page you are using in the console. This page specific contextual help will make it far easier and quicker to access specific help information.
  1. NEW - Sites Paging Capability.
  2. NEW - Dedicated Help Button.
  1. Sites Paging Capability A new section has been incorporated into the existing “Sites” page, as per the diagram below, made-up of four parts:  [img][/img]Fig 1. Sites Paging.   [list=1]
  2. Page Size Selector – This allows a customer to select between 50, 100, 500, and “All” Rows to be displayed on the screen at once.
  3. Paging Bar – This appears at the bottom of the sites list if the selected number of rows per page is exceeded.
  4. Page Selector – This allows customers to navigate between the numerous pages, with standard options such as “First Page”, “Previous Page”, “Next Page”, “Last Page”, etc.
  5. Total Pages Overview – This simply displays how many pages there are in total, along with which page is currently being displayed.

Site Paging – Retaining State
While using the Sites Paging all normal functions are still available, and their state will be retained whilst paging through the results – such as searching, sorting, and showing/hiding deactivated sites.

Site Paging – Preference Saving
The chosen preference of how many rows to display will also be stored locally in the browser, except when selecting the ‘All’ option. The preference is specific to each console, enabling you to have different rows per page settings between different consoles.
  • Dedicated Help Button

    dedicated ‘?Help’ button has been added which allows you to easily access the relevant Help section for the page you are viewing in your console, which will make getting relevant Help a lot faster. 2. Dedicated Help Button.[/list] 

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