Product Update Bulletin: GSM Console 32.0

  • 18 July 2017
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Mac Policy Management, Custom Block Pages, and Remote Device Management

We’ve made a series of updates to endpoints under your management, and our final step in this round is to enable these exciting updates in the Global Site Management Console.

Next week, we’ll be updating the Global Site Management Console to enable Mac® policy management, allow personalization for block pages displayed by the Web Threat Shield, and more granular device management via the GSM console.

Based on customer feedback, we will be enabling policy management for Mac endpoints in two stages. The first step will enable configuration changes in the GSM console, while the second will update endpoints to respond to the new policies. This approach will allow administrators to make policy decisions based on available options and communicate to their customers in advance of the changes. The timing of this second step will be based on customer feedback, and we will notify you a week prior to the update.

Block page customization for the Web Threat Shield will be available immediately. Any changes you make to this page via the console will be displayed to users who are blocked from visiting a page.

Device management will not be visible to your clients, but will give you better visibility of devices under management, including status, last check-in time, and infection dwell time.

Read the full product bulletin here

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