PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN – Mac Agent – 11th. April

  • 11 April 2016
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As part of our continuing Mac parity development we are releasing a new Agent build on the 11th of April, which will help us move further towards providing Mac OS parity with our MS Windows endpoint security visibility and management.

  1. NEW - Enhanced agent data reporting to cloud Agent status will now be sent up upon the action of one or more triggers.
    These triggers will match PC triggers where applicable. The result of this change is that updated agent status values are now sent more regularly, as previously these values were only sent when the UI was opened. (In some business environments that might not happen often, or in some cases ever.)
  2. NEW - Enhanced speed of scan start – This simply mean that Mac endpoint scans now start much faster and noticeably so over the current version.
  3. UPDATE - Hardened machine identification – In a very few cases the Mac serial was not available in the console. This feature enables an identification to take place and the Mac to be identified.
  4. UPDATE - Updated settings text string for clarity – We have changed the text from "Scan for Windows threats” to “Also scan for Windows threats.”

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