Product Update Bulletin - Web Threat Shield Updates

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We are going to be making a series of exciting updates to the Global Site Management Console and endpoints in the coming weeks. In early June, we’ll be updating the Global Site Management Console to enable a whitelisting capability in Web Threat Shield. This will allow GSM admins to override Web Threat Shield’s default blocking behavior.

Learn more about the changes in the full release bulletin.

As a quick preview, we’ll also be making a series of updates to the Global Site Management console in July to enable policy management over Mac computers, custom block pages for Web Threat Shield, and device management via GSM Console.

To support these exciting new capabilities, we’ll be using our new release process to update endpoints under your management over the course of the next couple of months. These updates will be for both, PC and Mac endpoints.

We’ll continue to share more detailed information in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe to the Product Releases forum.

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