Product Update: Security Awareness Training

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New Admin Features, Courses, and Templates

This week's release of Webroot®️ Security Awareness Training brings a variety of significant enhancements, including:
  • Delivery Randomization for Phishing Simulations – randomize the delivery of phishing simulation emails to more accurately reflects real-world attacks
  • User Import using LDIF or CSV via Secure API – leverage new options to securely import user lists for training
  • Easier Image Upload and Management – more easily manage images to be used in email, web training, and phishing templates via our new image uploader/selector
  • Automated Reminders – set start/end dates to automatically send daily or weekly training reminders
  • New Training Courses and Templates – take advantage of new courses, email templates and web lure page
For more detailed information on all of these new features, read the full Product Bulletin

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