Update to Web Threat Shield, GSM Console & PC Agent

  • 21 March 2017
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Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection will soon include DNS Protection. To learn more or to gain access to the Trial version of Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection, please contact your Account Manager.
In an upcoming release, we will be providing a variety of updates across our platform. As a no-cost upgrade, we will be updating the GSM Console with an enhanced Manage Sites Button, which will allow Console Admins easier management of their sites in one screen, including an optional User Walkthrough of the new functionality to help users understand the changes. The ability to Create a Site Tag when adding a new site and various defect fixes are also included in this console release. 
We will additionally be releasing important updates to PC Agents that improve the handling of endpoints installed in Amazon WorkSpaces environments as well as adding code to improve our “allow” functionality.
Finally, the Block Page for Web Threat Shield will be updated with a sleek new look. This will be a visible change for all users who navigate to a blocked URL. Please inform your customers and users of this highly-visible design update.
Updates to the GSM Console and the Web Threat Shield Block Page will be available during the first week of April. However, we will be releasing updates to the PC Agent over the course of several weeks
We will begin releasing updates to the agent the first week of April to a select group of MSPs.  If you would like to be considered for this limited pre-release, please let us know.
Additional Resources
To access the detailed Endpoint Product Bulletin, please https:///webroot/attachments/webroot/ProductReleases/406/6/SecureAnywhereWSA%20Bulletin.pdf
To access the detailed GSM Product Bulletin, please https:///webroot/attachments/webroot/ProductReleases/406/2/WSAB-GSM-ProductBulletin.pdf
To learn more about our release process for this update, please https:///webroot/attachments/webroot/ProductReleases/406/3/ReleaseProcess--WSA-WTSUpdate.pdf

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