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  • 4 November 2019
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I didn’t have any problems adding the 4 desktop pc’s to my webroot console. I’m having quite a problem adding my mobile device. From any desktop when I try to add my mobile all I get are instructions for doing so. I’ve even logged into the console from my mobile and I get the same thing. I can’t add the mobile device, all I can do is read instructions on how to do it. Please help.

1 reply

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Hello @Mugsy 


Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Sorry to hear of this inconvience. May I ask if you are adding a iOS Mobile device or an Android device?

For an Android device this may apply to you below:

If you have chosen not to enable the Lost Device Protection (LDP) feature, your device will not be displayed on your console. This is expected behavior at this time.  

To Enable Lost Device Protection

  • If you have already installed the app, click here for instructions on how to enable the LDP feature.
  • If you have not installed the app yet (have not activated or logged into your account), follow the instructions below: 
    • Select "Fix This Now" to enable LDP

Once the Lost Device Protection feature is enabled, you should be able to view your device on your console. If you still experience any issues, please contact Support.  

This is a Free service with your Webroot Subscription.