Android Blue tooth File Transfer Notification (Hack) ???

  • 13 November 2021
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I recently turned on my Bluetooth On my Samsung Galaxy A21 Android Version 10. So anyway I used some earbuds for a short period. I do not know if I turned Bluetooth off right after using ear buds. Later I pulled notification menu from the top and there was a notification that was very large and in yellow letters that had a header of Blue Tooth File Transfer or something similar. This notification had many lines and numbers of files transferred by each line. I Did Not Initiate any File Transfer. So I do not know why this notification turned up I am worried I got hacked and got files Transferred some where or to some one via bluetooth I also mistakenly cleared the notification so I now do not know what all files get transferred  Please help or tell me where I can go to find out more about this and what I should do if I was hacked 

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