Anyone received an e-mail from WEBROOT regarding a statement hackers do not take a vacation?

  • 31 July 2015
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Hello, I am Clara,
I received an e-mail stating that Hackers do not take a vacation from Webroot, has anyone else received this type of email.  I did not open I deleted.

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Hi lasissy
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I did indeed and I can confirm that it is from a legitimate source, i.e., Webroot.  You are wise to be cautious but if you just hovered over the sender email address you will see that it looks (and in fact is OK).
Regards, Baldrick
I recommend that anyone who wants to be extra careful about suspicious emails get the freeware IPNETINFO from OR some kind of similar program. All you have to do is copy the header information from the email (in Outlook 2007 it is available WITHOUT opening the email) into the IPNETINFO screen, and it will analyze the header information and report back to you where it REALLY came from, with all the WHOIS info etc. I have found many suspicious activities with this.
Does anyone else recommend a similar program?