Bom Dia, Dzie? Dobry!

  • 24 January 2012
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Hello there.  Intro here.  Ingrid Pinheiro from Marketing.  Feel free to speak to me in Polish, Portuguese or Czech...
I be all things SMB Marketing....
na zdrowie,

5 replies

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Hello there Ingrid,
Thanks for joining the Webroot Comnmunity!   I don't speak Polish, Czech or Portuguese but I'm sure that someone around here does.  Looking forward to seeing you on the Community !
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Nice! I'm jealous. I only speak in tongues.
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Actually that is not completely true, Alex also speaks Binary!  /smirk
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It's true. Guilty as charged.
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Hello everybody!
ingrid wrote:
"na zdrowie"
If you wrote "na zdrowie" it means you want to drink vodka ;)@Ingrid
Je?li piszesz po polsku to prosz? daj zna? na pw (private message)