Calm Re-introduction. Hi. I'm Slightly "Used" by Now

  • 29 January 2015
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Greetings Fellow Webrooters....


My name is Jan and I actually have most of my hair.  From my profile, these are my "stats":  Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_1) AppleWebKit/600.2.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0.2 Safari/600.2.5


Personal stuff:  I have lived in Ohio my entire life; grew up on a farm.  Married twice....the second one has happily stuck for going on 33 years.  My husband is semi-retired;  I retired a long time ago to raise the kids and handle everything else.  We have two daughters and three grandchildren;  our daughters are from my first marriage.  So far, none of my progeny has ended up in jail.  Hobbies:  Love dogs and horses, but all animals are cool.  My friends and family.  Movies.  Reading.  Learning.  Sailing, although that was given up and we just started kayaking.  Photography.  Long ago (I can say that because I've managed to survive in two centuries and two millenia now), I drove road rallies, time trials, raced sailboats, and worked communications at Michigan International Speedway.  I could also do maintenance on my VW bus engine.  I fix up houses; painting, wallpapering, laying brick, laying flooring, doing electrical and plumbing....  The self-conclusion is that I am a dilettante, although not specifically of the arts, but of the world in general.  Everything is interesting, but I master very few things.  I wanted to be a fighter pilot.  I hate war, but am fascinated by the weapons and how they function.  I do not like guns, which is, admittedly, blatantly schizo.


I am in utter awe of anyone who "gets" computers.  Our first computer was an Apple IIE running on Basic which we purchased for our daughters in 1982.  Since then I have been through several PC's where I learned not to fear crashes as I had them every three years, and through sheer, stubborn persistence, learned that I am more interested in the challenge than having any inherent genetic understanding of electronics.  I am the "fixer" of everything (including tv, sound systems, Wii and X-Box), which is both fascinating and frustrating.  I am envious of and thankful for you "naturals".  A few computers ago, my husband, frustrated with my PC crashes, fixes, and threats to hang my computers by their electrical cords out the window from three storeys up, said we were going to the Apple store, and that was it.  Give me a PC and I'm, again, lost.  My husband, bless his heart, will call me to let me know something unusual is going on with the computer.  I am his designated "Geek Squad".  Silly man.  ❤️


Anyone who has read my initial intro onto this site knows I've had Webroot since 2013, but had not before joined the community.  I look around and see so many things that need to be done....all my unfinished "projects"....but finally came running to the Webroot Community when utterly frustrated.  I'm sorry about that.  It was never meant as a slight to the community, only fear of introducing something more into my day.  I spend too much time on the computer as almost all my friends are now long distance and I constantly threaten to leave Facebook and have quit all the games.  When you get to my age, time goes fast, life looks short, and I still have all those unfinished "projects".  And one is writing a manual on "how to do everything" for my husband in case I die first.  Boy, would he be in trouble!  :D


Thank all of you for being there (or here) during my freak-out.  I will try to maintain more decorum in the future.  Just don't bet on it.



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Hello again.


That's alright! Everyone gets a little freaked-out sometimes when things that normally work all of a sudden stop working.


No harm, no foul!
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Hi tearinghairout101


Freak out all you want...we will be hear to help with the WSA side of things if we can.


Regards, Baldrick
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Hi again Jan. Well if you need to freak out you have found what must be just about the most supportive site in existence, there is plenty to read and learn here so justv take your time and look around.

And thank you for your comments on my interview.