Can't control cursor, change web sites without CP being sluggish, Why ?

  • 20 January 2016
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I am retired, now a grandpa who knows little about how to correct problems with my computer.
I hope that any with more knowledge than myself (that will be all of you) will have patience when trying to aid me with any questions I ask.
I bought my laptop for one function only. That was the Skype function so I could see 4 of my granddaughters, my daughter & son-in-law when speaking with them They moved away because of job relocation. All my problems started for me as I try to learn different things each day.

1 reply

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? don't worry we won't make fun of anyone's limited skills. Some of us volunteers here are in real life IT pro's and you cannot imagine what we are used to in our profession. We are nice people & are here to help you. So go ahead and please try to answer my questions as accurately as you can
1) What is the brand & model of your computer? And how old is it?
2) What operating system are you running ( windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 ). If anything else please tell 
  => the easiest way of exactly seeing which version it is is to click the followintg 2 buttons simultaneously
    ( Windows & R ). Just look for the big windows flag button on your keyboard & press it similtaneously with the R button.
   Then you get to see something similar to the following screen

In that box you write the word winver as shown in the screenshot and then press Enter on the keyboard.
Then you'll get to see something like this

Just look at it and tell us what version you run...
 Then we need the rest of the things i asked.... don't worry if you can't find it just say it & we'll tell you in a better way to do it.
3) Then right-click anywhere on the taskbar and select the option "task manager" . It'll show you this

Hit the performance tab 
 and look for the total amount of  physical memory... That's the only nr i'd love to know. It kind of gives us an approximation
of your systems capacities. 
What other noteworthy software do you have? Are you playing any games on it... Does it at any time while you work on the computer display any warning or error messages? If so just write it down somewhere ...
Hopefully then i'll be able to give you a hint.... Are you by the way running Secure Anywhere and if so have you scanned the system recently? Try it again & see if that one doesn't come up with any warnings.
Again don't worry and ask away.. Help is on its way,