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  • 19 February 2014
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Hello Everyone!
I've been lurking around a bit, looking for answers for my issue, but everything I can find is from February of 2013 and I'm wondering if there are any updates.  I have one program, MP3 Rocket (music sharing) that I can't get into because of Java being blocked.  Is there a way to allow just this one app to run without putting me at risk for danger?  And if so, could someone point me to step by step newbie directions on how to do such a thing? 
Thanks :)

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5 replies

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Hello LoLo and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Do you have the current version? If not please update see here also use the check version link to find out if it is up to date already if you do install this version there should be a prompt at the end to restore Java Prompts and try again if it continues not to work just reply back and I can give you more instructions.
TH  ;)
thank you!  I'll let you know if it works. 
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Hello Lori, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃
Your helpful info did the trick!
Thanks for your time
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Great to hear Lori if you have any other questions or issues feel free to ask! ;)