• 29 June 2020
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I’ve been trying for days to get someone to answer the phone and help!! I’ve also tried the support tickets from the utility program. I NEED SOME HELP CANCELING THE AUTO-RENEWAL!!!!!!!

7 replies

Yep and I’ve been on hold over 40 minutes. The other day is was about an hour. Any other suggestions or is it tea time in Colorado??

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@Navyvet ,

The best direct line to our team that handles renewals would be here:


Hope that helps!


I understand that :) This seems to be the only place actually responding.

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I’m not sure you will get a reply? You can check with Webroot Support and ask them: Webroot Customer Service

@khumphrey could maybe help you?

We can only do so much on the Community.



Your Message (Jun 29, 2020 19:21)

no reset email

Look folks I'm getting fed up with waiting online for over 30 minutes to an hour for someone to answer the phone. I'm also pissed that you can't even reset my damn password. I want to cancel my auto renewal now as well!!!

Your Message (Jun 27, 2020 16:52)

Request to cancel Auto Renewal

Customer Name: Kyle Tompkins
Customer Email:
Cancellation Reason: no support


Please don’t post email addresses in Public.

I did that twice and was waiting for a response back. No response. 

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Hello @Navyvet 


You can opt out here: