Did WebRoot drop the ball>

  • 1 February 2021
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For weeks I was having trouble with my small lap top taking me to sites that I didn’t want or showing a lot of popups (with pop up blocker off).  I had Geek Squad tune up and service this computer a few times.  While they did this they, of course, also used Web Root.  But, it never seemed to fix, all the nonsense would just continue.  Today they did another tune u[, ran Web Root but this time they also ran a Norton scan.  Low and behold the Norton scan found a few infections, which the tech removed.  When I contacted Web Root, the fellow that I spoke to (and he was very nice and understanding) thought that it could have been some new virus.  He did say that, yes, there could have been a virus lurking around for a while.  My main concern was that someone was in my computer (we can’t rule that out 100%) as I had that happen to another computer in 2019 and it was frightening and, fixing bank accounts, etc. was time consuming.  That is why this computer has absolutely NO access to my other computers, no file sharing, nothing.  Well, if someone was in, hopefully he is now out.  Or, if the virus was causing the pop-up/site problems, I hope it’s over.  I will know later when I use that computer.  I hope that this was just a “one shot deal” as I have high regards for the Web Root products.  Just wanted to share as I finally feel a little at ease after weeks of wondering.

10 replies

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Ken247,If I read you right you stated that you were having problems with popups. You seem to have left us hanging or keeping us in suspense? You never stated if the popups came back.

As of now, problem has not come back.  Usually it comes back right away but I’ve been using the computer since 11am and no problems.


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Ok, sorry I should have realized that you needed more time.

No problem.  Just wondering if it was a fluke on Web Root’s part/


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Ok we'll give it a rest for now.

OK, it’s been more than a day.  I believe the problem is FINALLY fixed.



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I don't want to rain on your parade, but if you're sure,then that's it. I personally would give it at least 1 more, just to be 100% sure, you can take it or leave it, it's up to you, but I would.😀

You know, you’re right.  I’ll give it to the weekend.


It’s the weekend and everything seems to be fine.


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Great, hope it stays that way 😀