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  • 3 March 2015
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I have worked in this industry for years, not wanting to reveal too much.  I am moved to action when a product comes along that I can support without resevation, to users, the source of my being here. 
I have managed large and small, I like small and the hands on - I dislike being lost in the crowd in large. 
I like to think I make good decisions and give good advice - but that is for my peers to decide - I can only talk, or write.
Computers/Networking were my hobby and now they are my job - I am a current Hobby Hunter.
I have always been successful in Jobs I have had - have been hired with a handshake, no interviews, and had a customer following as an outside tech that followed me after I took my first inside corporate job.  I weaned them off as I needed to have a life. 
When a user asks where to take their pc to get it fixed, I have no reply.  If I cant fix it throw it away.
Since I fix all my own, what would you say?
I never take any equipment to a shop...
I have friends who call me for the answers.  The list is shorter thanks to Google.  And in a way longer since you never know in a search how good the advice you are getting might turn out. (or who is giving it).
My name is Chris and this is what I do.

5 replies

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Welcome aboard Chris!  As a former sysadmin, I can relate 🙂
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😃 Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Nice to have you here!! And it's great to meet you..
Best Regards 
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Thank you for your input!
Also glad to be here, Webroot, what a product to endorse. I am fortunante to have found you.
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Hi Chris, I am pleased to meet you.
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Seen many of your posts, glad to meet you also!  I am impressed by everyone's knowledge on this subject matter.  It is good to see people of the same mind who take malware very seriously, as it should be.  Jasper, Sherry, and Nic, old buddy also.  😃