Does anyone know how to create a Webroot wifi account if the original email link has expired?

  • 5 February 2019
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I purchase the Webroot WIFI Security software about a month ago and was initially unable to create an account because of a problem with the password manager not accepting the password from my existing webroot account. Subsequently the webroot support started on isolating thus identifying a problem on the backend that they needed to resolve. Fast forward to over a month later the password manager was fixed, however the initial email link for account creation expired, thus the reason for my question.

Can someone please help?

Webroot does not seems to be able to answer my question.

Best answer by TripleHelix 6 February 2019, 01:10

Hello @washjojo and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

I would suggest that you Submit a Support Ticket and they will get you sorted! Also maybe @pstonethompson can help you when he comes online? But start with the support ticket!

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3 replies

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Hello @washjojo and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

I would suggest that you Submit a Support Ticket and they will get you sorted! Also maybe @pstonethompson can help you when he comes online? But start with the support ticket!

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I can absolutely help with this - thank you very much for the heads up @TripleHelix and sorry that you have been experiencing issues @washjojo.

The original account verification emails have a expiration/Time To Live that starts from the moment when you submitted the Create Account form. During that time the data you submitted is encrypted in a temporary store, and is linked to the protected verification URL that is sent to your email to verify that the email address supplied is a live account which you control.

This is to comply with a variety of security, legal and data protection best practices.

After the time to live has expired both the link expires and the underlying data is automatically purged from the system.

At present this Time To Live/expiration time is seven days, although based on feedback from our users we are going to extend that soon to help deal with some cases where users are for one reason or another unable to verify in that time. Reminder emails for users who haven't verified are also on the way.

Neither the extension nor the reminder emails would have helped you in any case based on the time taken to resolve your password manager, for which I can only apologize.

The short answer is that the original verification link cannot be regenerated, resent or re-issued as the underlying data you submitted with your Create Account request is permanently gone from our systems, this does not mean you cannot use the product or Create an Account though.

Ignore the original verification email and delete it from your mailbox, it is of no further use.

Here's how we can recover-

If you purchased Webroot WiFi Security through the Webroot website you should have been sent an initial email with instructions on how to Create your Account (linked in this case it seems to your existing account) when you originally purchased WiFi Security. That link when followed should allow you to submit your Create Account request again, which should simply involve entering the username and password of your existing account. As no account was ever successfully created the link should still be valid. If it isn't, private/direct message me with your email address and I will get one resent.

If you purchased through the Apple or Google app stores then install the application as normal and follow the instructions to Create an Account from there. If you already have installed the app and cannot proceed as you are being prompted to verify your account, you should either clear the app data and cache using the normal process for your operating system, or simply uninstall the app and reinstall it fresh.

Once you have submitted your new Create Account request a brand new verification email should follow immediately and you will have a new validity period in which to complete the process - which should be as simple as clicking the link within the email.

I hope that helps, please don't hesitate to let me know if you need further assistance.
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Is this now resolved for you @washjojo?