• 16 January 2014
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Just installed Webroot.  Having delivery problems with some of my email addesses.  Has anyone had this problem?

5 replies

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Hello dmwilliams and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

How is your Internet web pages open well? Also are you using a Email Client such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird or online web mail? Also you can explain in more detail as to what you're seeing?
TH  ;)
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Hi dmwilliams
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
As daniel has said do post back some more information.  I run Thunderbird and Windows Mail (on different machines) with WSA so if you have one of these then I would be pleased to see if I could help...if needs be. ;) on standby if required.
Does anyone know how to remove these programs? 1. Search. and 2. Rebate informer.
Thanks, Joknox
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Conduit you can remove it using the add/remove extensions or plugins (depending on what browser you are using). Please follow the process below as it should fix the problem. Also please check the Windows add/remove control panel for a entry relating to Conduit. You may also have to reset the default search provider back to what is was before this was installed.
1) In Internet Explorer, click "Tools," then click "Manage Add-ons." Click Conduit," then click "Disable" and click "OK."
2)For Firefox, click the "Tools" menu, open "Add-ons" and click "Extensions." Click the "Remove" button next to "Conduit"
3)In Chrome, click the wrench icon, then click "Settings" and "Extensions." Click "Uninstall" next to Conduit.
If you are using Chrome you also have to check a setting to make sure on a new tab it doesn't open the Conduit. website. In the Settings tab under "On-Start up", click the Open a specific page or set of pages option. In there make sure to remove Conduit and set the default page to be opened. Its the same process to Rebate informer.
If this doesn't work please feel free to reply and I will help out further.
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Hello joknox and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Roy is correct as usual and those's type of programs are called PUA's so when downloading and installing programs you must watch during the install as most programs have pre-checked PUA's and you have to make sure to uncheck them during install.