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  • 14 July 2014
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installed on 3 machines, but only 2 show on colsole. 1 did not ask for an email address, could this be the problem. if so , how do i fix.

3 replies

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What is your system, PC or Mac?
Is WSA installed on the machine you are referring to?
When you install WSA on a device you need to enter your keycode in the console on the device. Instructions for installing on a PC can be found here. Then go to your account and add the device. You can find more information on adding a PC here.
The online user manuals can be found here
Could you please provide us with more details? 
You may also want contact tech support by submitting a support ticket. Our tech support team will be happy to assist you.
I hope this helps. 
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Hi billy-456
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Usually, to get the new key code to display in the Web Console, you will probably need to log into it, select 'Manage Key Codes', and add them to the Web Console manually, as activating the key code on the computer will not automatically add it to the console.  
Often people purchase, for one reason or another, multiple key codes and keep them on separate consoles, hence why this so you this is not done automatically.  However, once you have added it the protected PC should show up in the Console within circa 30 minutes.
If you find that you still are not seeing it appear then the recommedation is that you run a scan, as I believe that when installing the device will not show up in the Web Console until the first scan has been completed so, possibly, running a scan manually will 'push' the recognition process along.
Hope that is of assistance?  As Beth said earlier, please do come back and let us know how you get on/if the issue is resolved or not.
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Hello Billy-456,
Welcome to the community!
Hopefully we can get this taken care of for you quickly.
Was the software previously installed on the computer that is not showing up? If it was did you uninstall the previous installation or deactivate it from the console beforehand?
If you can I work directly here for the support team and would like to help you get this resolved.
If you can PM me your email address that you registered with we can start a support ticket and get this resolved as soon as possible.
John A.
Webroot Frontline Engineer