• 14 November 2013
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Hi Everyone - I just joined the group. Recently bought a new computer and received a copy of Webroot with the purchase and loaded it. I am running Windows 8.1. Should I turn off Windows Firewall or run it in conjunction with Webroot? Is there additional settings in Webroot I should activate if the Windows firewall is turned off? Is there any advanced settings I should be aware of while running Webroot? Thanks in advance, Charlie

3 replies

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Webroot leverages the Windows Firewall rather than replacing it, you should have it enabled for proper function of the product. In fact, it will complain if Windows Firewall isn't on.
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Hello cepoux and welcome to the Webroot Community!
The Firewall component of WSA is designed to be run along with the firewall built into Windows, so you should be OK leaving it on.  
For beginning users, the default settings should have you all set and ready to go.  There are a number of Advanced settings that are available.  I would highly reccomend taking a look at the User Guides (Link below in my signature) to help you become more familiar with your new WSA software: both as it is installed by default but also what the Advanced Settings do.
I am guessing that you purchased the computer at Best Buy since Webroot came with the computer.  Remember that if you need to reinstall in the future, or add WSA to additional devices, use the Best Buy download link below for Best Buy Subsciption Software copies.
Thank you for the great info! You are correct, I did purchase my laptop from Best Buy. My Best, Charlie