getting internet explorer opening numerous pages havin incredimail inbox idtroducing bug ,dont know

  • 7 September 2015
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johns my name hi everyone can u help me?

4 replies

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Hello ? and Welcome to the Webroot Community. 
It sounds like you are getting Browser redirects, like is answered in this  thread. Please make sure you have "Detect Potentially Unwanted Applications" checked in Advanced Settings>Scan settings.
Issues like this may be as a result of the presence of Adware, and all the info you need would be in Sherry's post linked above.
Here is also a little more info about Browser Hijacking: 
And please get back to us with any more info or questions. Thanks. 
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Dermot, could this be due to the Web Filtering Extension/Web Filtering Driver issue that we have been seeing one point there were reports of multiple blocking pages being displayed inaddition to the pages that one was visiting?
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Ah yes, could be also, Thanks Balders. Perhaps John could try disabling the driver etc. and get back to us with some further details?  
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No worries, Dermot...TEAMWORK! :D