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Welcome to the Webroot Community!
We are very happy to have you here, and want to make sure you feel comfortable navigating through the Webroot Community. To get you started, we have created some quick start guides for common questions:
Introduce Yourself!
Community Guidelines
Editing and Deleting Posts
Bookmarks and Subscriptions
Tagging Other Users
Quoting Other Users
Adding a Signature
Adding your country badge
Changing Your Avatar
What is the Webroot VIP Program?
Meet the Webroot Community Team
In addition, you can always ask one of our friendly community members and moderators for assistance at any time, as we are always happy to help!

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Nicely formed...and undoubtedly required for some of our more timerous new users.
Well done, Anna
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Yes I agree with Baldrick, nicely done and It was a very good idea to create these for new users! 😉
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Thank you both! :D
It is real nice and a good feeling to know I have plenty of support all aroud, Thank  you everyone
Troy A J.
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 Eureka! This is perfect for me!! I scanned through the topics offered and am going to print them out & keep them on my bulletin board for quick access.  A great idea for beginners, especially old ones :D Thank you so very much!!  (Oh my, I am getting bolder about tapping things, I just found the spellcheck!!):D
Where do I get forum help or search topics related to call and SMS blocking on my M8 One?
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Hello SASB,
Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum,
Is this M8 One a Thunderbolt Android? Please provide more information with you question ok? So that we can help you further.
IPlease go here. and on the upper left click New Message.
 All of this has been very helpful and I hope that the assistance will keep on!
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Webroot has helped me on a number of times. They are great, and I stand by them!!
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As a new member, I am almost 'blown away' with all of the good things I've been reading here! I never dreamed that a A/V company would have SOOOO MUCH to give to their customer. This is quite impressive, and I am very thankful to have W/R installed on my new PC. I recently submitted a question about a certain procedure and an informative answer was rushed to my email inbox right away!!! After that, I thought that maybe I should look deeper into this company to see what all they have to offer their customers...and....WOW!!! THIS is truly one of the BEST investments I have ever made online 🙂 !!!!
Again....sooooo impressive!!!
Thanks for letting me join your community, and the opportunity to include my sincere answers in the survey you sent. It was a pleasure to submit such high marks and to let the W/R Team know how much I appreciate your product installed on my home computer!!!

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Well, Drumdude55, all I can say to that is 'Thanks for sharing'...I am sure that Anna (who put all of these together) will be deeply gratified by your observations.
And remember as and when you need further assistance then we are only a few mouse clicks away...:D
Regards, Baldrick
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Excellent Anna great Job!
Daniel 😃
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THANKS for the reply and  info, Baldrick :catvery-happy: !!!
Just installed Webroot today and while I was installing it I was chatting with a webroot person with a couple of questions I had. Very professional and quick answers from someone that obviously knows the product. A breath of fresh air in AV customer support. I am happy already.  
I recently installed Webroot to my tablet and PC. Absolutely great software my laptop is running so well and is VIRUS FREE! 😃 I am a new member to the community as well and this quickstart guide is very helpful is understandin the basics of the community. Thank you!
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Hello @Chaniib,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
We are happy to have you here!
Another satisfied Webroot customer! Please don't be shy and join in. We are a great and fun and knowledgable group.:D
KInd Regards
Thank you! @Ssherjj I already feel greatly welcomed :D
Hi Granny here. Just want to say hello and thank you for this website, and I am a little slow at this.I really am a granny. Been married 50 years this september, so you really are leading me by the hand. I have started shopping online and I can only say thank you for the work you do. I cannot count the times I have gone into a site and WEBROOT jumps up at me to let me know that this was a bad site. You also catch downloads that have maleware on them. Enough said. You guys and girls are doing a great job.:D
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Hi Patricia
Many thanks for the feedback, and good to know that you are happy with what WSA does for.  If you have any questions or issues (and remember that there is no such thing as a 'silly' question) then please come post back, in the relevant Forum (best to use the one that corresponds to the version for WSA that you have) and we will do our best to help you.
Regards, Baldrick
Hello all.  Shorty is the name and I'm glad to be here.  With our Winter almost past I can look forward to a trip to our Namaqualand flowers - not a regular occurrence but if there has been enough rain and little wind the views are amazing - come visit sometime ;) [South Africa]
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When I click on Community Guidelines the editting and deleting page opens up. Is this by design and the Community Guidelines is simply a heading?? I expected to be rerouted to a page listing the community guidelines. What am I doing wrong? Or is the link broken? Does anyone else see this??
Many thanks,
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The link that you want is the following:
Regards, Baldrick
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many thanks. 😃
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Hello ?,
Under the heading of Community Guidelines I have clicked onto that link and it does seem to be broken.. When I click that link above hereon the Community Guidelines it brings up how to edit and delete?
? Can you please check this link out. I can go here to the Community Guidelines from HERE
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thanks Sherry


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