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  • 2 February 2012
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Hello, Webroot community.  I love Webroot because its drop down window allows
me to access in seconds the different sites that I have to visit every day in my work.
Also, viruses SCARE me!!  So I can go to sleep at night knowing that Webroot is out
there in the darkness protecting my on-line Self/Identify  from invasion by geek microbes.
Although I have been using computers for perhaps fifteen years in my work, I am still in the
dark ages when it comes to learning new technologies. Hold on to your seats...I don't even
own a cell phone or any other hand-held technology.  So having Webroot on my side in
the battle against mhy own ignorance is comforting.
Finally, when I have run into trouble with my Webroot (almost always do to my own ignorance)
the Webroot support staff have been very patient and extremely helpful in getting me back
up to speed.
I am not on Facebook or any other on-line community, so the fact that I'm even writing
this says something about the trust and appreciation I have for Webroot.
Take care.

2 replies

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Welcome, Paideia! Thank you so much for taking the time to write your post. It means a lot to us.

We take pride in protecting our customers, so it's great to hear that our products and support team have come together to give you a sense of ease.

We look forward to keeping you protected (and to hearing more from you in the future).

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Welcome to the Webroot Community Paideia ... great to have you!