Good evening folks...happy to be here!

  • 4 February 2012
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Just got here...a big Helllloooooo! to all, I've dropped in, having seen you from Wilders.

11 replies

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Welcome, Dermot! Glad to have you here.
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Welcome to the Forum Dermot7. 😃
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Many thanks AlexF...I'll have to have a read-up and look around, nice idea to create this community.
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Hi Buddy glad you made it here!
Daniel 😃
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Greetings and welcome Dermot! Great to have you. 
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Thanks also to TH and ProTruckDriver for your warm welcome.. Always good to speak with you guys. 
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I can already tell that y'all are going to be a fun bunch.
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Hi All Baldrick signing in. Previously Prevx4 Alpha/Beta Tester & then WRSA Closed Beta Tester...from which I have just escaped by buying & installing a licensed copy of Essentials 2012. Nice to have a rest! Looking forward to some good discussions & exchange of views. Regards Balders
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Hello Baldrick, good to have you here also. And thanks to KeithH and CatB for your kind welcome also. It'll be fun to see how this place may grow.
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Greetings Baldrick, really great to have you!
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Hi Kieth / Hi Dermot
Thanks for the kind welcome.  I hope we can snare a few more so that the discussions are as lively & informative as possible.  Hopefully when the word gets about a bit more some of the stalwarts at Wilders will decide to drop in here too.
Have a great weekend