• 27 February 2016
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I go by the screen name Starlord174.  I was, at one time a deputy sheriff in Arizona, and was a corporal in my patrol district,  I was forced to resign from the sheriff's department and the Arizona City Fire Dept. after having RK done on my right eye to reduce the weight of my eyeglasses.  The operation was not a total success, and I was left night-blind with stars around light sources at night.  I ended up in private security in California, where I was injured on the job in a fight with  a former Marine jacked up on PCP.  I was ordained and just retired after 20+ years as a  marriage minister.  After so many years of telling people they had the right to remain silent, I got a kick out of giving them a life sentence,  LOL.  I don't know what else to say, except I am marriede, and we just celebrated our 27th anniversary.

2 replies

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Hello Starlord174,
Welcome to the Community!:D
it's great to have you onboard with us and that you enjoy the Forum as much as we do. Thank you for some history on your backgrund. Sorry to hear of these issues that you have occured. Sounds like you are taking it in stride and making the best of it.
Thank you for your long service and hope you enjoy your retirement.
Take care!
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Hi Starlord174
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Well, you do seems to have led a varied and, if I may say so, eclectic life so far. :D
Hope that you find the Community to your liking. To help you with that and to get started please see our Getting Started Guide; full of useful information on the Community...and if after that you have any questions just ask. 
Regards, Baldrick