Greetings from Romania

  • 21 February 2012
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Constantin, 35 years old ,sales representative and first Romanian here, at least I think so :manlol:

9 replies

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Bine ati venit pe forum!
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bun raspuns , se pare ca nu-s primul 😃
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Sunte?i, am în?elat ?i folosit Google Translate.
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wonders of technology:catvery-happy:
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Witaj kolego z Rumunii!
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Welcome constantin to the Webroot Community forums!
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Hi there Constantin and a big Welcome to the Webroot Community ! I believe that you are the first person from Romania to join our Community ;)
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Thanks guys for greetings !
Dzi?kuj? polskich przyjació? !?
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Hello constantin, Welcome to the Webroot Forum. 😃