Guard dogs of Webroot - August

  • 21 August 2014
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Last month we featured Wes' dog Elvin.  This month you get to meet Payton and Gracie, proud pets of @ 

Gracie: Sure, protecting Webrooters sometimes takes extra fuel, but Gracie is clearly biting off more than she can chew here.

Payton: The victim in this bone heist.
“Payton is a Rat Terrier mix as far as we can tell, and takes great offense when people mistake her for a Chihuahua,” said Jeff.  “Yes, Payton was named after Peyton Manning (she likes the feminine spelling) and watches every Broncos game on TV, barking out her approval with every touchdown. When not watching Broncos games she is fond of being worn as a hat by my son, Sean.”
And how about our little canine crook? “I inherited Gracie from my late wife, Patti,” said Jeff. “Gracie is a pure bred Miniature Pincher and constantly is throwing this fact in Payton’s face. Sometimes on walks people mistake her for a walking root beer barrel. She does not appreciate the comparison and lets them know by biting their ankles.”
And don’t worry – Payton has a way of getting even with Gracie. “Payton has her own version of ‘The Bone Game’ where she likes to stuff both bones in her mouth and prance around the room, and Gracie chases her.” 
Check out The Bone Game in action:

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