Guard Dogs of Webroot - February

  • 23 February 2015
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Our Guard Dog this month is a new addition to the Webroot Family and belongs to Web Developer Erin Kovar.

Moose is a 13 week old, Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He’s curious, talkative, sweet, stubborn and so, so smart. He keeps us on our toes – if it’s quiet he has to be up to something. We were trying to teach him not to jump onto the dishwasher while it was down, since it’s about his height. He was receiving treats for getting “off” the dishwasher. But quickly turned that into “If I jump onto this, they’ll tell me to get down and I’ll get another treat!” His smarts leads to creative training.
He loves the snow and has a fantastic bouncing run to make up for his short legs when the snow gets a little high. He’ll often shove his head into a snow drift and come out with clumps of snow on his nose that he throws up into the air. The snow shovel is a scary moving beast that continuously needs watching. 

If there’s something new that he’s unsure of, he’ll definitely let us know, even if it’s just a new cardboard box from Costco on the floor. When we go to puppy social, they rotate new trainers through our class and one of the first things they’re told is “The corgi is very vocal, not aggressive, just vocal.” His best buds are Lonny the merle pug and Sawyer the terrier mix. He has a fan club there – the people in the next class usually stare through the windows and take pictures.
Every day is something different and fun with this little guy.

7 replies

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Awww what a cutie pie!! Precious puppy! I love these little dogs!!:D
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I could stare at that first picture all day! Those sweet eyes! :D
Moose is adorable!  :D
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Same here!  We want a Corgi but I really need to find a rare one: carmel color with a tail.  So enjoyed the photos!!
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Methinks Erin's family will have full hands with this little guy....but what fun! He is absolutely precious!
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I want one 😞 haha sooo cute and I love it when training becomes a fun challenge 😛
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Moose is sooooo cute!!  There is nothing like furry friends or family. :D Thank you for sharing him...(you take great photos by the way)