Guard Dogs of Webroot - July

  • 20 July 2015
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Today's proud doggie parent is @, Webroot's Mac expert on the community.  Here's him telling us about his corgi Ruby:

Ruby is a Welsh Pembroke corgi and she is about 5 years old. I adopted her when she was around 2 years old. Boulder Humane society brought her in from Oklahoma where they claimed she was a stray. She was on the Humane's website for only 10 minutes when I saw her and called them to hold her for me. We have since been inseperable. I tell my girlfriend that if I had to choose between them that I dont want her upset but Ruby always wins.

She is a very different kind of corgi... Most corgis bark alot, Ruby has only barked about a dozen times since i have owned her. Corgis are also herding dogs full of energy and known for nipping, but not Ruby. She prefers to lay around and be lazy. She likes to be alone once she knows that you are in the house, but if she is actually alone in the house then she gets very nervous and shakes. She is a very loving dog; if she sees a small child then she has to run over to be pet even if the child is rough with her she just sits and smiles. Sometimes too smart for her own good, she knows that she can get whatever she wants.
Here's Ruby showing her guard dog side:

4 replies

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Very precious puppy! That's nice to know she is good with kids!;)
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she is pretty amazing :)

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She is beautiful, great colouring as well.
Super cute!!