Hacker Scam

  • 17 June 2014
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I'm not sure where to ask a question. I put this someplace else and it was deleted with no answer, so I'll try here.
This morning on the Today show they gave a report about a hacker scam. Evvidently, a user will get a spoof email from UPS or Fedex. When it is opened you get a red screen and it locks up your computer. You have to pay $500 to get it unlocked. If you wait too long you have to pay $1000. Does Webroot have a protection for this?

3 replies

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Hi wildhordessd
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You seem a little lost.  As far as I can tell your thread has not been deleted but is actually here and has been responded to.
Looks like you posted it in the right place assuming that you are using WSA Antivirus. :D
Thank you. I posted it someplace else this morning and it disappeared :catmad: LOL
At least it's still here this time. Thanks for the reply!
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Hi wildhorsessd
No problemo...we were all new in this Community at one time or another and as there is so many forums in The Community it is easy to get lost at first.
Hopefully you will stick around and get to know it better.
We are herento help, discuss and have fun...so do join us on a regular basis. :D