Has anybody had to deal with this yet?

  • 24 October 2020
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I ran WSA and found not threats.  I wondering if this is legit?



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3 replies

Typo, I meant to say Webroot scan found no threats.

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That’s likely not malware per se, but more of a screen locker due to you clicking on stuff in a browser. Best to boot to safe mode, reset your browser back to defaults, remove all extensions except the default browser ones, and add only ublock origin and the webroot extensions. 

Other than that, check startup items just to be sure and you should be good to go



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Hello @Jetmech175 


That is scareware via the Browser so just close your browser and you likely landed on a bad web page and nothing more. Also do not call that number as that’s where they try to get your info and steal your money.