Hello Everyone! I’m baackk!

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Hello!  I hope you all are doing fine today!
Well, about 3 or 4 years ago I gave Webroot a pretty thorough testing, but back then it Repeatedly Quibbled with one of the Very Most Important programs on my PC:: AutoHotkey (aka: “AHK”), and it became such an annoyance that it eventually seemed necessary to look elsewhere.

Then in just the last couple days, I happened across some articles that discussed Webroot in a very positive light  . . . So I thought I needed, once again, to test whether Webroot had become friends with AHK.
And . . .  after many hours of testing, I thankfully have not heard one peep of complaint from my new antivirus!
SO, here I am!  Hopefully this time it will be for a Long Time!

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Nice post, but have you tried to use your AutoHotKey in your browser? As far as I can tell, Webroot still blocks AHK in browsers unless yoou turn off identity protection.
I like evrything about Webroot except this. Even bloated McAfee doesn't block AHK.
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Hi Chuck
Welcome...BACK...to the Community Forums.
As you say hopefully you will have no further issues of the sorts that compelled you to ditch WSA previously.
Regards, Baldrick