Help name the very first Guard Cow for Webroot

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Red Bull comes to mind. Or Fernando. I also like Gus. But if you're going for a bit more heft in nomenclature, how about Winston Churchill Red Bull? Winston or Winnie for short.
He's a handsome critter!
I think Hazel would be an appropriate name for this little beauty. 🙂
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How about Rooter?
My other choice was already mentioned:  Broot
I think his name should be:
Frederick Farmworthy  (Freddy, for short)
Bfill KIng
JANUS --- The ancient Roman name of the gate keeper. 
The best 'shooting guard' out there with a big, beefy name...Kobe Bryant.

Name him Kobe
Cyber Bully!
Of course, just call him Cy for short...
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Late to the party as usua :@l...but here goes...just in case it has not already been suggested...
Regards, Baldrick
how about..."Morning Calfee" in morning coffee?
yeah, I know it's dumb...:catsurprised:
Why not name him "Booby". Bull is also slang for police officer which is appropriate. And a bobby is a police officer
How about "Bobby"? Bull is slang for police officer. And a bobby is a police officer
How about "Bobby"? Bull is slang for police officer. A bobby is a police officer.
Here is your winner............wait for it.......................
ROOTABLE !!!! (root-a-bull).

Mr. Edd
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Oh, NO...that is downright awful....;) :D
How about Brownie Boy.
His name should be:   BIG MIKE
I say name him "Webster". 
That's MR NOBLE to you sir. 
Say it out loud if that helps...;)
Cute littel guy. He really looks like a "Bullster"!