Help name the very first Guard Cow for Webroot

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Edit: the contest is now closed and we have a winner: Webster, suggested by @
Our monthly Guard Dogs of Webroot feature is branching out into the rest of the animal kingdom.  This month instead of a dog, we have a Guard Cow - newly born and ready to be named.  That's where you come in - help us name the new guard calf and win some swag!  Post your name suggestions below and @ and her kids will select the winning name from among your entries.  Here's the whole story, in her words:
Spring is here and there are lots of animals to be born on the farm.   The first to arrive is our very own WatchCOW calf.

Born April 17th, this little guy was born to be wild.
Currently in training for “Bull status” his days are busy.   He begins with a pit stop to mom and gets a belly full. Than he is off…

With the mother he has, he shouldn’t have a problem reaching bull status.  Don’t bother getting close to this little WachCOW because the mother will quickly stop and snort right at you to the point you want to run.  – Look at that big girl.  Do you see what I mean?

So how am I doing? Look at this bull pose?  Are you scared? 

That is enough for now.  Time for a nap.

Wait…. There is just one thing we need our readers help with.   Little WatchCOW needs a name.  Give this baby bull calf a name these crazy farm kids (owner of baby calf) will be the judge. 
We will pick a name on May 15th and the lucky winner will get a Weber Farms t-shirt and a John Deere thermal mug.  


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Cocoa  Crunch gets my vote :D 
He's sooo cute...Congratulations!!
How about "Bobby"? Bull is a slang term for police officer. And a bobby is a police officer. So that would fit nicely.
I have been thinking about this today as I was running some errands. I was walking across my yard, back into my house, and I tripped over a root from a big tree in my yard. 
I think the baby Bull should be names Rootster! It just kinda came to me! LOL
I hope you like it too.
Chocolate Chip or could just be "CC".
Let it name be brute
Seymor name would be a good name
Mister Bull
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I am just waiting for someone to suggest "BullGuard" that we can all say...OH, NO! ;)
But no one has fallen for that one yet. :(
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@ wrote:
I am just waiting for someone to suggest "BullGuard" that we can all say...OH, NO! ;)
But no one has fallen for that one yet. :(
OH NO!!!!! Baldrick I just knew someone would come up with that one 😉
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Cheers, just MADE MY DAY...;) :D
How about :
chocolate is a good name
Ok, will give this a shot, a few good bull names:
How about "Bobby". Bull is slang when referring to a police officer in some places. And a police officer in the UK is refered to as a bobby:D
Billy has already been suggested, so I'll also submit Arnold (as in Schwarzenegger) and Rambo!
Kudmuncher!  Long live Kudmuncher!!
 Bidziil In Native American, the name Bidziil means - He is strong (Navajo). 
Jeuny (It's French for "children"); & if you want to get technical it's a soft "J"  Think "C'est pour le jeune".
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Dinner, unless I'm too late.
"Tibia" for the big strong support bone leg where the "calf" is, or "Tibby" for short.
I know the Fibula is loosly considered the "calf bone," but the calf will grow up and Fibby may sound a little silly for a full grown bull (and may make him a little angry being referred to as a bull who doesn't necessarily tell the truth).
Both are still options though:
Tibia - aka "Tibby"
Fibula - aka "Fibby"
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@ wrote:
Dinner, unless I'm too late.
You're not too late - we'll be picking the winner and announcing it this week.
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Ok we have a winner picked!
The winning name is Webster, which was first suggested by @, so he wins the swag:
Miquell - can you please PM me your t-shirt size and address so we can get the prize out to you?