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  • 29 November 2014
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So i had some virus on my laptop that was making my IE stop working. so i got a free trail subscription of webroot and started scanning. everytime i scanned  it would tell me it found a virus and try to start removing never did so i asked webroot tech support and they set up a remote acess thing for the next day.......he never showed up so we reset it for the next day......he still didnt show up. by the time we actually had a date that he was there my subscription had already he surposedly took the virus off and rebooted it, yet when i went on the internet all my favorites were gone. spent 2 years collecting them and now they gone.
plus i STILL can't change my date and time or use some of the functions on my control panel. plus my internet browzer still stops working everytime i use i have thought about just restoring to factory settings after i use a flash drive to back up my data. but i need to find out how to get my favorites back. the webroot tech said that he won't help me because my subvscription expired and he is not liable, even though it apears he may have deleted cursail data without warning.
so anyone know of anyway i can get my favoriters back?

10 replies

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Hello there, welcome to the Community!
I do have a quick question though: does your computer have more than one user profile?  Have you logged into the other user profiles to see if Control Panel items are accessible that way?  It almost sounds like your are logged in as a different user.
i only have 1 user profile. and a guest which I never use
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Hello and Welcome MEGADAN,

May I intercede and suggest a Microsoft article that's from 2012 but it might help in resolving your Favorites and I was thinking maybe a System Restore first.

Hope this helps some... What do you think @  ?
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I think that will be the best chance of restoring them. and a check of they Recycle bin just in case.  Again. I have no idea what happened to them, but between the Favorites being missing and Control Panel options being inaccessible, I would suspect damage caused by malware or perhaps a develping problem with the hard drive.  If the  user profile data on the hard drive had become corrupt, Windows may have attempted to recover but failed.
@ I would love a second (third) opinion here if you are around 🙂
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Here is another Microsoft Suggestion:
I CAN'T do a restore. everytime I click the recovery on my control panel it does nothing. that is my problem. I was gonna try opening in safe mode to see if I can restore it to factory settings that way but I still want my favorites going try this and if it doesn't im gonna try safe mode
i already tried that
the recycle bin is the first play I checked. im pretty sure that webroot deleted my favorites so that Ithey can trick me into getting a paid subscription to have it fixed
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As far as I understand, if favorites are missing from their folder, then Regiistry Editing is likely needed, and I wouldn't like to recommend that unless you're quite expert in that.
There may be other clues/help in these links:
i tried the safe mode and it didnt work. i have a feeling that tech guy really screwed up my computer. im gonna ask microsoft next but i have a feeling he deleted em and there is no way to get them back