How do I add webroot to my PC? when I type in the keycode from my laptop it does not recognize the

  • 30 April 2016
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I need help putting webroot on my home computer. .  I purchased webroot for my laptop and want to put it on my home computer.  I had a different webroot account on my home computer when I purchased it.  So, I only renewed my laptope account.  When I try to transfer the laptop key code to my home computer, it does not recognize the laptop key code. Keeps saying invalid code.  I know the code is good because I just renewed my webroot.  Thanks.

1 reply

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Do you have the Webroot version or Best Buy version? Do you have a multiple install version or a single version purchase? If you have a multiple version purchase from Webroot download from.....................
Install on your pc and enter the keycode when prompted. Let scan complete and restart you machine.