How do I stop someone "hacking" my email? Someone is sending my contacts emails

  • 7 February 2015
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I have had this problem for a while with my email.  Someone is getting into it and sending emails to my contacts, with attachments.  How can I prevent this?
I appreciate any ideas and thank you in advance.

2 replies

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Once you suspect your account is being hacked, you should quickly change your passwords. This may be sufficient to stop the hacker from using your account again.
Tips for creating a strong password
What to do if your email gets hacked - and how to prevent it
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Hi debicarlson
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If I may add my thoughts to this discussion?  It sounds to me as if the damage is done and someone has already gleaned a list of your contact details and is using them so whilst changing you password on the account and may well stop further intrusion it will not stop the continued emailing to your contacts.
Personally I would do two further things; (i) contact your ISP/email provider to let them know that this has happened as it could eb a breach at their end rather than a hack at your end & (ii) email all your contacts (a pain I know) to advise them to treat emails from any unkown source or purporting to come from you, with suspicion (if so minded you may suggest to them a pre-determined phrase or indicator that you advise them of to try to confirm that such emails are indeed from you, etc.).
Regards, Baldrick