How to block ad.yieldmanager and in webroot?

  • 5 November 2013
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Hi - Use to be able to block those while interent browsing under the older version of webroot. (Just type in the URL) Under the new version it directs to look for a file on your PC.  But there is no file on the PC for these. Just comes up when you get to a website using the adds.  Way to fix this in the new version? thanks, Bob

1 reply

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Hello Bob and welcome to the Webroot Community!
There have been several comments regarding the new format of the Web Threat Shield and the 2014 version of the software.  The new Web Threat Shield itself is still rolling out gradually to all users, so while we probably will not see any changes made quite yet Webroot is looking at a number of changes to the current format.  Please see This Thread, put a like on it, and also add your comments regarding the manual blocking of inbound connections of you like.