Howdy from the Mi'ssippi Gulf Coast

  • 21 July 2015
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Thought I'd say hello to everyone before posting or researching topics for my Android devices. Imma stay home mom with an 18 yr old prodigy drummer and musician, whew he keeps me going! He and hubby both are techies and gamers, but hubby is part owner of a Tech company so I've had it around me for many years, funny thing is, I know more about Smartphones than even hubby does!! LoL. When I told him that I had changed my Security on both my Galaxy S5 and my Galaxy Tab 4 to Webroot, he sat straight up and said WEBROOT HAS AN APP?! I was like... yeeaaahhh.... what's the big? He said he's done a lot of business with reselling of Webroot for Business products for years and that he's always believed in Webroot more than all those other companies with too many bells and whistles. He was so excited to hear that Webroot was out for Android that even he switched from Avast to Webroot and son did too!:D
Happy to be here and hope to find answers to just one little problem I'm having on my Tab 4.. Nice to meet every one! :D

2 replies

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That's awesome that you knew about the app before he did :) 
Glad to have you part of the community and welcome aboard!
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Greetings and welcome to the Community @, this is a great seat of learning so I hope you find the answer to your problems here. After your problems are fixed, hang around, there is something for everyone here and maybe you can teach your son a few things. 😉