• 20 December 2015
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Hi craby63
Would advise as to which browser yo are using when getting this 'issue'?
Regards, Baldrick
Thank you much for responding Sir  when I try to log into my Yahoo mail it goes to the address mentioned
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Hi craby63
How have these been brought to your attention?  Through a WSA scan?  If so then I would follow WSA's guidance.  If from any other source then I would Open a Support Ticket and seek professional advice from the Support Team.
I have seen a number of conflicting views of what these are or are purported to be and to be honest a number of them look to be far fetched, i.e., anything from a tracking cookie, to browser hijack, just to mention a few and it seems there is no consistent view amongst the amateurs...hence my suggestion to contact Support.
If you can find the actual files then you can right click on each of them in turn and select 'Scan with Webroot' from the context menu displayed, and that should give you a steeer on how to proceed, as if WSA detects an issue with the file it will respond with appropriate action.
Regards, Baldrick
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hi there ? could you be a bit more specific as to the problems you have with this thing?? This is not malware or any kind of PUA but a genuinely registered Yahoo domain