I get an error message when signing in to Secure Anywhere.

  • 27 March 2014
  • 2 replies

Hey everyone. I get an error message when trying to sign in to Secure Anywhere for Mobile. The error message is: Unexpected Error, URFM997 Key Attachment Exceeded.  What does that mean? It's keeping me from signing in.  

2 replies

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Hi Jimmyjimmyll
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We have come across this one before and so the best thing is that I direct you to a thread that will inform you re. your issue.
The bottom line would seem to be that you will need to Open a Support Ticket so that Support can take a look at this, given that I don't believe there is any way for a customer to reset or remove keys, and also no way that I know of for any one in the Community (though perhaps a Mod might be able to help @).
But before opening the ticket take a look at the above thread as I think it will answer your ..." What does that mean?".
Do post back and let us know how you get on/if the issue is solved.
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Hi Jimmyjimmyll,
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