I hate company's that have no people to talk to

  • 8 March 2016
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I did not sign up for them to take $59. Out of my account but there is no one to call ...
People like this should be shut down!!
Charging me for 10 units and I only have ever had 1 laptop... Poor buisness ... Good product

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Hello ?
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Sorry to hear but you can contact Webroot below and they can resolve this for you! If this was indeed Webroot.
Support Number: 1-866-612-4227
Support Ticket:
Edited: Or if your subscription was from BestBuy/GeekSquad
Hope this helps?
Please refund my money!!! U have my email and 30
Passwords u give us to just discourage and just give up. Send the email to me about a refund, I will confirm my email or phone. After I bought the Antivirus I found out it was a hard drive. Had to buy a new pc, never used it . The one day I had it, it seemed nice, but the next day my computer never came back one, I had to replace it. The antivirus was the furthest think from my mind. I could even remember the name . Now with no advanced warning ur taking $59 out again? For 10 pc's and all I ever had was 1 laptop. It's company's like this, is why I hate purchase online
Ridicules way to take money from people with
Out even asking if they were happy and do they want it again. U take it out, and make it impossible to stop you.. Poor horrible buisness ....
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Hi Hester1550
I am sorry for your issues. But we are only Volunteers on this Forum and we can only give advise. We cannot give refunds.This is done by calling the phone numbers that I gave you OR:
Just follow these instructions:
From Here:

If you purchased online from

Click here to start the refund process. You will need the invoice number and the exact dollar amount shown on the invoice total. For assistance with refunds, contact our Consumer Sales Team.