In honor of Data Privacy Day - tell us your worst data privacy stories!

  • 28 January 2015
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Today is Data Privacy Day:
There's been lots of breaches over the past few years - what's been the impact on you?  Have you had to repeatedly replace your credit cards?  Have you had your identiy stolen?  Tell us the worst stories of having your data privacy taken away!

3 replies

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Hello Webrooters,
Do you want to hear how many credit cards I've had replaced?
Target, Home Depot, My debit Bank card twice and I was involved in the Chase breach of 3 of my accounts there as well. With Chase saying to me over the phone that everything is certainly protected with my credit cards and information and I do have an account with them for my truck AND Amazon.
Now I'm using cash as much as I can and I'm very leary using any credit cards. But my information is still out there and I believe my personal information has been jeapordized.
WE are not secure by any means... But I don't have to tell you all this anyways...nothing is safe or private anymore or ever was.
Always of threat of privacy envasion!!:@
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That's a lot of credit cards to replace!  The worst part is memorizing the new number, so that I don't have to pull my card out every time I'm buying something one online.
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I’ve not had it quite as bad as Sherry, thank goodness. Hope all the bad stuff is over for her.
I have had the same two cards replaced two different times due to charges showing up that were not mine. One card was charged for loads of computer equipment to be shipped to Asia and the other with multiple airline tickets from and to destinations in the Middle East.
My data has been included in several data breaches (Adobe, HomeDepot, Banking) but so far I have not been negatively impacted, only inconvenienced.